Share Notes & To-Do Lists

Try it out!


Try it out!

Early Access Note Taking App

Quemer is a note taking web program that allows you to easily create and share tasks and notes for free. It is an early access app, so there will be more features in the future.

Join Our Community And See How We Grow

Quemer is still under development and it may have some bugs, but we promise you to work hard to fix bugs and add new functionality. We have brought you our app early because in that way we can test it out and see how it works in real world. Follow us on Facebook to keep track of news about Quemer and engage with community.

Plans For The Future

We split the development into stages. For now we have planned three stages:

Stage 1

Run the early access version of the app. Fix some minor bugs of frontend. Attract some users.

Stage 2

Refactor the code. Develop API and mobile app for Android. Add more features, make groups editable.

Stage 3

We are not sure but maybe we will release an IOS app and roll out the main feature of this project.

Development Team

BATON Studios - one developer who writes JavaScript(frontend), PHP(backend) code, makes design and etc.

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